2016 : Talk at "Séminaire Pampers des jeunes chercheurs en géométrie" : The fundamental group of the circle in homotopy type theory. (Coq file)

2015 : Talk at HoTT workshop in Warsaw (colocated with TLCA and RDA) (abstract, slides with notes)

2014 : Talk at RDHL (Henri Lebesgue doctoral meeting) : Théorie des types homotopiques (slides (french))

The reports of these internships and seminars are available on th french page, only in French.


2013 : Continuum Hypothesis in Type Theory, with Nicolas Tabareau, at École des Mines de Nantes.

2011 : Intuitionistic Logic, with Vítězslav Švejdar, at the Charles University in Prague.

2010 : Poisson Algebras, with Pol Vanhaecke, at the Poitiers University.

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